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Cancellation conditions

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Cancellation conditions


What is included in the registration fee for the training courses

– Guide or teacher accredited to deliver the training
– Group material
– Teacher's RC insurance
– Not included: individual progression material, individual safety material, transport, meals, accident insurance to be paid by the participant (must be federated or pay the day insurance).

Is there any discount

No, there is no discount applicable except in the case of Rescue Days (ACNA members 60€ instead of 70€).

Approximate schedules

The courses will be from 8 to 15 approximately and will be of one or two days duration. These schedules are subject to change and participants will be notified well in advance.

What materials do I need

Each activity has a list of material for guidance. If you have any further questions you can always contact us at:

And if the weather is bad

The organization reserves the right to cancel, modify or postpone the activity if weather conditions are not suitable.

Where courses will be held

The base of "operations" is Salardu but the field courses will be held in various locations in the valley or station environment according to conditions and will be determined by the teachers prior to the course. Ultimately changes may be made up to the night before but each participant will be informed by email or WhatsApp.

How the groups are completed (ratio)

Each activity has its own ratios and groups can be completed up to this number:
– Alpinism: 6 students per group
– Freeride: 6 students per group
– Snowshoeing: 12 students per group
– Split: 6 students per group
– Rescue Day: 7 students per group

Notice to family members

We will ask you in the registration form for a contact in case of an emergency.

Which activities require payment/registration

The training courses, accommodation, the Saturday barbecue are paid activities, the rest are free (music, entrance hall, mini-workshops…).


Do I need insurance?

You must have an accident insurance or be federated. If you do not have one, the organization will offer you a compatible economic option through a third party.

Is it necessary to be federated?

It is not mandatory. But it is recommended as it will allow you to perform the activities without the need for additional insurance.

What insurances does the organization have?

The trainer will also have a liability insurance and will be qualified or accredited to provide the training.

Other security-related issues

You must accept the disclaimer upon registration.

Activity guides

Who will be my guide?

We have qualified guides with extensive experience. You can meet them in the specific page. We cannot guarantee which guide will be the one who will teach each activity.

Accommodation and meals

Do I need to book accommodation?

No. We offer the possibility to stay at the Val D'Aran Hostel but you can book activities without accommodation.

What is included in the accommodation option

2 nights in a shared room with breakfast included in a recently created hostel.

Where to eat?

Salardú offers a wide selection of restaurants. The organization only offers breakfast when booking accommodation and the roast dinner on Saturday. The asado is priced at 20€ and is not included in the price of the activities.

Cancellation conditions

Can the organization cancel the event?

Ternua reserves the right to cancel the event due to force majeure (weather conditions, pandemics, natural disasters or other related causes), as well as in the event that the low number of registrations justifies the cancellation of the event at least 24 hours before the start of the activities.

In such cases, participants will be reimbursed for the amounts paid for registration.

If, once the meeting has started, any activity has to be cancelled for the above mentioned reasons, no refund will be made, but Ternua reserves the right to offer the participants to carry out the activity on other dates and to reimburse the amounts that will be returned afterwards.

Can I cancel my reservation?

* Up to 30 days before the event

100% reimbursement minus 10e handling fee (i.e. 10e)

* Between 30 days and 15 days

25% of the amount paid will be charged (i.e. 75% reimbursement)

* Less than 15 days

100% of the amount paid will be charged (i.e. 0% reimbursement)
All details in the cancellation policy

Other questions

If you still have any questions, please contact us at and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Cancellation conditions