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Event registration

    I am insured or federated:
    Para la realización de actividades es necesario contar con seguro. Nos pondremos en contacto contigo para ayudarte con la gestión del mismo en caso de que no dispongas de uno.

    I need accommodation (+80€)

    I accept the Terms and Privacy Policy

    I accept the Registration agreement

    By registering for this event:
    I confirm that the above information is true. I agree that I have a valid accident insurance for the activity to be developed and if not, I will contract one.
    I consent to the use of my data exclusively for Ternua Group and ACNA, without transfer to third parties.
    I consent to the use of photographs taken at the event for subsequent use by the organizers.
    I consent to communication via WhatsApp for last minute notices regarding my participation (e.g., location changes or weather warnings).
    With the completion of this registration I formally assume the risks and consequences that may arise from the normal development of my participation in this event, expressly exonerating the organization of the same, and I subscribe the attached document: DISCHARGE OF LIABILITY
    Cada participante puede consultar la descripción de la actividad a desarrollar y lista de material necesario en la web.