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We protect the people and the planet

Ternua is a brand that connects people with nature. A brand with an adventurous soul that activates you, moves you, pushes you to always discover new places, experiences and activities.

Together with an outdoor spirit that pushes you out into the open air, to places without walls or barriers. Ternua protects people, with a technicality that makes its collections durable and functional garments. And we also protect the planet, with a sustainable innovation that characterizes us and drives us forward as a brand.

Why Ternua Experience

Proyectos singulares

Singular projects

Everything we do reflects our commitment to the planet and the people who inhabit it, through current and future projects.

Materiales reciclados

Recycled materials

Following our values, we manufacture garments and accessories in a sustainable way with recycled materials. These are some of the materials we recycle.

Tratamientos sostenibles

Sustainable treatment

Ternua has been committed to sustainability from the beginning, looking for innovative and environmentally friendly ways to manufacture products.

A privileged environment


Scenic location

Salardú is located in an impressive natural environment, surrounded by mountains and alpine landscapes.


Aranese culture

It offers an opportunity to experience Aranese culture and gastronomy, characterized by Catalan and Occitan influences.

Ski entry portal

It is an ideal starting point for ski lovers, as it is close to the ski resorts of Baqueira-Beret, one of the most outstanding in Spain.

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